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Lift Modernisations & Repairs

The Benefit of Our Lift Modernisation and Repair Service

Our lift modernisation and repair services are designed to:

  • Improve the performance of your lifts

  • Make your lifts more effective and eco-friendly

  • Help lower your carbon footprint

  • Provide you with big cost-savings 

  • Spare you from the hassle and stress of unsafe and unreliable lifts

  • Ensure your lifts are updated in conformance to the latest acts and regulations 

Cost Effective | Hassle Free | Reliable

Lifts can become unreliable over time if they are not well-maintained. Not only is an unreliable and tired lift unpleasant, but also unsafe. In such a situation, it’s best to call the experts for lift modernisations and repairs. Modernisation and repair provide a cost-effective, reliable, and hassle-free way to upgrade your lift instead of a new replacement.

As one of the industry-leading companies for lift modernisations and repairs, we have the expertise, experience and equipment to breathe new life into your lift and ensure it is updated. This is regardless of make or model. From restoring heritage elevators to modernising the old ones, we can assist you with them all. 

Our certified and trained team performs all lift modernisations and repairs at Cambridge Lifts Limited. We have a rich experience in projects like:

  • Controller changes

  • DDA compliance works

  • Auto Dialler upgrades

  • Lift door upgrades

  • LED lighting 

  • Full lift refurbishment and rewiring

Once you schedule for modernisation and repair service, our technical team visits the site to identify the problem with the lift. We perform a full diagnosis, including your lift’s status and condition. Based on our diagnosis, our experts determine whether lift modernisation is the best solution or if it’s time to replace your lift. Over the years, we have modernised many of lifts, including passenger, fire-fighting, goods, platform and stair lifts. 

For more information or to schedule a service, contact us today. We can provide you with quality services to your complete satisfaction and cost-efficiently. 




Our trained and experienced technical engineers perform all maintenance services

24/7 Technical Call Out 

24/7 Technical Call Out 

Our call-out team includes highly-skilled engineers with a wealth of experience

Lift Modernisations & Repairs

Lift Modernisations & Repairs

As one of the industry-leading companies for lift modernisations and repairs



Fully-accredited engineers seamlessly install elevators to your requirements

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