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At Cambridge Lifts Limited, we believe business ethical practices and policies are vital to ensure the highest standards of responsible behaviour organisation-wide. Hence, we have carefully created policies that guide us on how to conduct our business, engage in business dealings, and, more importantly, work as individuals, employees, colleagues, service providers, and business partners.

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Our policy is to provide our business services and engage in business, dealing ethically with honesty and integrity. More so, we have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribery.

As a company, we are committed to acting fairly and professionally in how we operate and serve. Rest assured, we take effective measures to enforce effective policies and systems to stop corruption and counter-bribery.

Environment Protection

We strive to go green and lower our carbon footprint by deploying practices that protect the environment. At Cambridge Lifts Limited, we have included practices to sustain the environment by:

  • Better use of resources

  • Refurbishing and repairing old lifts and equipment to avoid landfills

As a business, we continue to identify business practices to ensure environmental protection and sustainability.

Equality and Diversity

We respect human rights. Hence, inclusion, diversity and equality are our core business elements. We strive to become an equal opportunity employer by hiring people based on talent and skills, not on individual characteristics such as age, gender, marital status, political option, race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other distinctions. We strongly promote equality of opportunity by ensuring that the workforce composition of our business reflects that of the community.

Modern-Day Slavery

Forced labour at any place and in any form is unacceptable. Therefore, we abide by the UN Human Rights statutes outlined for international modern-day slavery regulations. We only work and partner with entities that conform to and respect the regulations of modern-day slavery.

Moreover, we shall immediately dissociate ourselves (without prior notice) from business partners involved in practices like:

  • Workforce abuse

  • Child labour

  • Discriminatory practices

  • Debt bondage

  • Servitude

  • Forced labour

  • Human trafficking

  • Other human rights violations

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