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The success of the retail and hospitality industry largely depends on customer satisfaction, and one of the key components driving it is facilities like lifts. Customers expect hotel lifts to work properly and efficiently with minimal wait times. Usually, hotel lifts experience a significant spike in usage during check-in and check-out times. Hence, retail and hospitality businesses need to ensure that lifts installed on their premises work efficiently during regular and peak hours.

Lifts installed for customers of retail and hospitality businesses should be reliable, safe, and functional. If they are unsafe, they can cause:

  • Frustration among retail customers and hotel guests.

  • Loss of income for the managers and owners.

  • Customer dissatisfaction.

So, retailers and hotel owners trust us when it comes to reliable lifts and excellent support service. We offer top-of-the-line and full-scale lift engineering services. We offer all services under one roof, including elevator installations, repairs, maintenance, and modernisation. No matter the lift brand or size of the lift engineering project, we can help.

Our skilled engineers can install new lifts in your retail store or hotel, remove and replace old lift equipment, and refurbish existing ones. Rest assured, we have the expertise to work on all lift brands while delivering you exemplary services to an impeccable standard.

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Retail and Hospitality

We Work For Your Success

At Cambridge Lifts Limited, we are highly customer-focused and understand the industry demands better than no one. We know that UK retailers aim to keep their stocks and customers consistently moving within and around their stores, and the lifts installed in your retail space are critical to this goal. Lifts allow for a better customer experience, which, in turn, brings more sales. Therefore, our engineers focus on providing reliable, safe lifts and responsive service.

At Cambridge Lifts Limited, we ensure that your lifts are operational and perform at their optimal levels. This approach has helped us maintain and grow a loyal client base in the retail and hospitality sector. Our client portfolio includes some of the UK’s best retail brands, such as Moonpig, Adidas, and Monster Energy.

Likewise, we have a long-standing history of offering excellent lift engineering and maintenance services to the country’s leading hotels, including The Club Quarters-London Hotels.

We have the expertise to meet the 24/7 demands of a busy hotel. Our trained engineers perform monthly maintenance visits to routinely assess their lifts and ensure hotel guests and visitors face no inconvenience.

Contact us today for more information or assistance with the elevator installation, maintenance or repair.



Retail and Hospitality



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